Quick update post-day 2.

I know I said I’d have updates and analysis each night but last night and tonight I’ve been pretty busy and I’ll at least leave you guys with this for now:

– I like the Spiller pick. I was initially (pre-draft) not for it, and I still think when you are rebuilding you don’t take a runningback until other pieces are in place, but the kid is explosive and could catch more than he carries his rookie year. Very good player entering a crowded backfield and he’s the type of back (Jackson is another) that can get great production out of a not-so-great line.

– I’ve liked the idea of taking Troup for months now, very glad that we took him. I admit, with USC OT Charles Brown still available, I would have rather taken him there and was hoping all night to trade back into the second for Brown or McCoy, but Troup fills a need and will be a perfect compliment to Kyle Williams. Definitely see that they plan on giving Kyle ample playing time on passing downs while Troup improves that part of the game – he’s very good against the run but not the best at pressuring the QB, so the two working together should be interesting to see.

– Don’t know a whole lot about Carrington just yet besides the fact that he is a high character kid with a high motor who is expected to play five-technique end for us. Sun Belt defensive player of the year in ’08 and defensive player of the ’10 Senior Bowl, I’m interested in finding out more about him and seeing what he can do.

– I was at the draft party at the stadium tonight, very cool there – got to see Spiller in person for a few minutes, kid seems genuinely excited to play here and really got the crowd going in talking so much about wanting to get us to a Super Bowl no matter what.

– Got to tour the weight room and locker room and noticed a few things:

– Schobel hasn’t touched anything in his locker in forever, stacks of mail on his stool and dust on his shoes and gear

– Dwan Edwards will wear #98, Chad Jackson will wear #17

– Andra Davis and Cornell Green don’t have lockers (Michael Matthews even had one, bare as it was and only with a duct-tape name plate)

– Brian Brohm has a ton of shoes (at least thirty pairs of cleats, sneakers, and sandals under the bench in his locker plus another dozen boxes of fresh Reebok cleats)

– Quarterback wristbands this year look like they involve an array of real plays from a real playbook. I saw Fitzpatrick’s sitting on his bench and the type was so insanely small that you couldn’t make anything out besides the fact that there was a ton of stuff on each page, and there were a few pages.

Again, more coming after the draft, likely Saturday night but Tuesday at the latest – looking forward to OT, HB, OLB, WR, and maybe QB in these final six picks.


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