Night Practice recap 7/30/10

Apologies for the delay of this post, I’ve had a very hectic past 72 hours.

– I can confirm from seeing him in person, Marshawn Lynch is HUGE now. His upper body seems like the ideal power-back thickness and he doesn’t look to have lost any speed. Broke a couple of solid runs in 7 on 7 drills.

– Joique Bell has great vision for the hole for a kid so young. He was solid every time he touched the ball. Quick, too.

– Fred Jackson barely got any reps, when he did he was in as a blocker or running an out to the flat.

– Steve Johnson and David Nelson split time at #2 receiver –  both looked good but Johnson was really throwing his body around to make some grabs. If he keeps this up, he’ll be solid this year.

– Felton Huggins seems to be having a rough time this year. His routes seem off and there were a few times that he had easy catches broken up by Ellis Lankster and Dominique Harris due to carelessness. I doubt he makes the roster this season.

– Trent is fully embracing his starting role. He looks poised, solid, he’s clearly added muscle, and he’s commanding on the field. He made very few throws that could be criticized at all. He even signed autographs after practice, which, in Buffalo shouldn’t seem weird, but he hasn’t done it since his rookie season so it’s definitely refreshing to see him back to that.

– Brohm looks like he can’t trust his line or receivers at all. He was routinely scrambling and making bad reads. His throws and mechanics looked good, but they stopped looking good when they hit the defenders in the hands (two picks in less than a half hour).

It’s a different atmosphere there this year, and I like it. It’s physical from day one, the coaches are right there on top of them at all times, and they don’t stop for an extended break between every drill. I think the removal of the 15 minute practice wrap-up / prayer session that Jauron ran also helps the players to justify staying out a little bit to sign some autographs for the kids.

All in all, after one practice, I really like what I’m seeing. The whole team looks legitimately motivated and driven to play harder and it’s something that I’m not used to as a Bills fan. More to come as I attend more practices throughout the week, stay tuned.


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