Full 2011 First Round Mock

No explanations in this version (outside of the obvious for Bills nation) as I truly believe that there will be more trades in the first day than there will be wins for the Jets and Dolphins combined in 2011 (and yes, that means more than eight), but if you are looking for a justification or have a question, feel free to leave a comment and I will explain my selection fully.


In my opinion, THE player that Buffalo wants at three is Auburn’s Newton, and if he’s not there for them, they will attempt to move back from three into the 9-25 range. The team has been doing way more than their due diligence in mid-first projections and second round picks as of late, which suggests that they are prepared to move back for someone else that they are elated for in exchange for an extra second round pick – maybe more. In the even that Newton is off the board and they can’t find a willing trade partner, I think Quinn has great potential to be the pick. I had initially projected Watt, but now it’s become apparent that the team is looking for a quality pass rusher and the defensive line depth moving forward is phenomenal throughout the second day, which should help the team grab another quality end with a later pick.

Had Quinn played this past season, he’d have garnered more discussion as a top-five pick as he is one of the most well-rounded linebackers in this class and the best pass rusher at linebacker behind Clemson’s Bowers. The biggest issues going against Quinn are his recent football hiatus and medical concerns (underwent surgery to treat a benign brain tumor not too long ago), but on paper, he looks to be a solid pro at worst.

If the team moves back, I’d see them targeting one of the following, depending on where their new first-round slot is – DE JJ Watt, OT Tyron Smith, LB Justin Houston, or CB Brandon Harris. At #34, there should still be a handful of projected first round talents left over for the team, and I think that Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph will be a strong consideration there, as well as Mississippi State offensive tackle Derek Sherrod. If Nix manages to pick up additional second round selections, players that they may target include LBs Quan Sturdivant and Martez Wilson, QBs Christian Ponder and Colin Kaepernick, and WRs Titus Young and Jerrel Jernigan.



1- CAROLINA PANTHERS – QB Cameron Newton [Auburn]

2- DENVER BRONCOS – QB Blaine Gabbert [Mizzou]

3- BUFFALO BILLS – LB Robert Quinn [UNC]



6- CLEVELAND BROWNS – DT Marcell Dareus [Bama]

7- SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – CB Patrick Peterson [LSU]

8- TENNESSEE TITANS – DT Nick Fairley [Auburn]

9- DALLAS COWBOYS – CB Prince Amukamara [Nebraska]

10- WASHINGTON REDSKINS – QB Jake Locker [Washington]

11- HOUSTON TEXANS – LB DaQuan Bowers [Clemson]

12- MINNESOTA VIKINGS – DE Aldon Smith [Mizzou]

13- DETROIT LIONS – OT Tyron Smith [USC]

14- ST LOUIS RAMS – WR Julio Jones [Bama]

15- MIAMI DOLPHINS – HB Mark Ingram [Bama]

16- JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – DE Cameron Jordan [Cal]

17- NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (via OAKLAND RAIDERS) – LB Ryan Kerrigan [Purdue]

18- SAN DIEGO CHARGERS – DE JJ Watt [Wisconsin]

19- NEW YORK GIANTS – OT Anothony Castonzo [Boston College]

20- TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – DE Adrian Clayborn [Iowa]

21- KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – OT Gabe Carimi [Wisconsin]

22- INDIANAPOLIS COLTS – OT Nate Solder [Colorado]

23- PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – CB Brandon Harris [Miami]


25- SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – QB Ryan Mallett [Arkansas]

26- BALTIMORE RAVENS – DE Cameron Heyward [OSU]

27- ATLANTA FALCONS – DE Allen Bailey [Miami]


29- CHICAGO BEARS – CB Jimmy Smith [Colorado]

30- NEW YORK JETS – LB Justin Houston [UGA]

31- PITTSBURGH STEELERS – DB Aaron Williams [Texas]

32- GREEN BAY PACKERS – DE Muhammad Wilkerson [Temple]


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